Not to seem conceited or anything but I'm a pretty big deal. In case you didn't know, I'm the reason Howl & Home even exists. When I'm not busy being a muse, I'm either chasing squirrels or jumping all over someone. Some people think I’m crazy but I’m just a happy gal. I love everyone and need kisses asap all the time. It’s the polite thing to do, no? I run like the wind (awkwardly), roll in gross things, and I’m afraid of balloons. That about sums me—SQUIRREL!


Hi, I’m Bruce. There are a few things you should know about me. I do not have a sense of humor. I do NOT like tools or clapping and I like to hump publicly. Seriously tho, no tools okay? People think I’m handsome, so to show them my gratitude, I rub my face all over their legs. Sometimes I leave a bit of my drool behind so they have something to remember me by. I like short (very short) walks on the sidewalk, I'm a pretty okay listener and sometimes I'll let you cuddle me. Sometimes.


Salut! Je m’appel Jacques. I’m a fun loving pup who loves to spin and cuddle. I’m happy all the time. Like ALL the time. I’m also into humping, but I’m French so I’m not ashamed to do it publicly…in parks…or during car rides...or on my own...or with Bruce.... What can I say, I’m just full of love.  Jez guys, I'm just so happy right now!

Peter Parker

Peter here. I’m a playful guy with a lot of energy. I love to run and wrestle and play, play, play. I also have this licking thing where I can’t keep my tongue in my mouth. I’m the fuzziest, softest and cleanest dog in Vancouver, maybe even in Canada. I make sure I keep my game up to get cuddles and kisses from everyone. EVERYONE.


Hello. I’m Ursie. I’m a smart, complicated and perceptive gal with deep emotions. I really love some people and kind of like others. I once went feral on a camping trip because I love the outdoors so much. Good thing I get lots of hikes! I’m generally really happy and bouncy. But sometimes I just need my own space.


Bio Coming soon :)


Bio Coming soon :)


Bio Coming soon :)


Bio Coming soon :)

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